Wednesday, May 13, 2009

oh~florence i lub u~!!>o<

oh Yeah~~~i lub u ~~~florence~!!>3<

today florence gv me a gift~a souvenir fr japan
WHICH IS~~~!!!


is axis powers hetalia one coin grande figure~!!>o< (sory,image vry blur..)


n i soooo excited and curious wat character i gt...

zhen said when lunch oni v open n c...

then i soo excited...i expecting i wil gt bla..tat wil b wonderful~bijabo

once v sit in the restaurant!!!i cant wait n i open it!!!!


is france ji-san!!!!!!!T口T uexpected!!!i almost 4get him..the pervert ojisan..orz..
(france ji-san:pls call me ni san ok???) stil vry cute la~~i didn't dislike france ji san..just....
i love Italy tooo much ady~!!!he sooooo cute~!!i like the white flag n the pizza he holding~!!vry cute n interesting~!!
i started to thinking...i wana collect all the characters...since i gt france ji-san..i cant let him alone..he so old ady..need some youngers to acc him..(france ji-san:i'm stil young ok?)
then florence also bought us a set of japan vanille,chocolate,coffee flavour...
n it taste soooo nice!!!!!!i like it sooo much~!!!especialy vanille flavour~!!!YUMMY~!!!!!!
i'm going to leave malaysia ady!!i want stay at japan!!!(hey..patriotism!!!)
leesin left ady din eat..hoho~~bt flo gv her another set of biscuits..the packaging is vry cute~!
btw...florence...guo ran shi hotmarket!!!!!suddenly dan out soo many hotmarket(doraemon?)~!!surprise me..haha
again......TQ,florence~~!!!!!muacks~!!!i wil take care of france ji-san!!!bijabo~!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009 sem coming~

ah..stupid stupid schedule...


bt surprising me...i gt 2As...wowowow~is cgpp n typo ~!!hooray~~
bt the other subjects....4gt it la..sweat sweat..

after check result n the schedule(haiz~~!!the timetable..)
me,june,wh,leesin n zhen went ice skate~~oh yeah~bt nyki n hotmarket din cum..haih~next time la...
june soo pro in ice skate...leesin dunoe hw to skate..(sweat)..wh normal...n zhen..geng,nvr c ppl skate til like unique~!!!
then v al teach leesin skate..n finaly!!!she can able to skate....!!!!about...1meter like anyway..also gt improve la...leesin(miss blow ant)..gambate ah!!!!next time must skate about 2meter!!!1ok???

PS:die die die...colour pencil drawing.....!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

muahahaha~~well done!!june!

today...after typo class...june as usual sit my car...
then gt 1 wajar(if i x mistaken) has block my way out..he park opposite me...he triple parking le!!!!!so geng lo!!!then i hv no space to go out!!June help me oso knot(she guide me when i reverse)!!then v all vry angry coz v takes long time try to come out...then june sudenly come in the car take pencil n write smthg on the paper...then she wrote'FUCK!!how u park ur car?!!'then she put the paper on tat wajar!!then i ..(OAO)...n muahahahaha!!!

then v try another method n finaly escape fr the parking!!then our car is face to the wajar...i ask june take another paper to write more things n put on the wajar...(coz i super angry of it!!!!hw come he park like tis??make so many troubles!!!)then when v vry enjoy+high writing the paper...the wajar driver come back liao!!!!!!then he notice the paper..n he looks soo bu shuang then take the paper n get into the car....he gt look at us...then v try not to laugh infront of him...v 2 try to ignore v gt laugh ady...coz knot tahan le!!so funny!!!then i quickly drive away!!then june n me laugh laugh laugh laugh in the car~~sooo happy!!!tat guy's xpression!so funny!

huo gai tat driver!!!!next time he dare to park like tis!!!i go paint his car!!!muahahaha!!